February 22, 2015

Dylan Dog - wall poster

What started as a drawing exercise finished as a 130 x 80 wall poster for my friend's new apartment in Belgrade. Her boyfriend is a big Dylan Dog fan, and I'm really happy that my work will be on their wall. Can't wait to see it framed. ;)

February 20, 2015

Sociopolitical caricatures

I was inspired by the recent events in the world and on a local level, so I did some sociopolitical caricatures...

On topic of killing of Afro-Americans and Muslims in USA
(ibretiti=stay shocked)

On topic of young people leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina due to poor economic situation.

On topic of killing of Charlie Hebdo's journalist and caricaturists in France.  

February 10, 2015

Dylan Dog collection and illustration

Here is a photo of my Dylan Dog ultimate ex-Yugoslav, Croatian and Serbian collection, how I like to call it. :)

And this illustration was inspired by the recent events in Sergio Bonelli Editore. New, young and talented scriptwriter Roberto Recchioni (on the right) got a blessing from the Dylan Dog creator Tiziano Sclavi (on the left) on one event for taking over the chief editor position in Dylan Dog from the former editor. Recchioni is supposed to give new life into the comic which had lot of creative problems in the past years, especially regarding the scripts. 
But, Dylan Dog and his long term friend Inspector Bloch are not so happy with the news, because Recchioni will make some crucial changes in the series, including retiring of Inspector Bloch.

February 5, 2015

Wolverine sketch

A quick Wolverine sketch. I'm not a big fan of American Comics, and I did this with no references, just how I remember Wolverine from the movies and some illustrations...

December 15, 2014

Voice of America / Glas Amerike - Studio Washington, 27.11.2014.

Voice of America did a story about my work, with an emphasis on my football caricatures.

December 1, 2014

Opusteno nedjeljom - BHT1, 23.11.2014.

I was a guest in a Sunday program of a national TV BHT1, a show called "Opusteno nedjeljom". Guest was Kornelije Bata Kovac, one of the greatest composers and songwriters in ex Yugoslavia. My job was to do his caricature during the show. I had more than one hour on disposal, and here is the final result:

Bata and me
And here is the video

November 20, 2014

Euro 2016 Qualifiers - Bosnia and Herzegovina (part 1)

 We didn't start our qualifications good, so our coach Safet Susic Pape, which lead our them to the World Cup 2014, got fired after first four matches and only two points won. As always, I supported our team, and here are some of my works regarding the first matches.

Wales - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Belgium
Israel - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pape - Now and Then

October 1, 2014


An animated project for famous brand Bambi, client Solid State Productions, Sarajevo. Sabina Pezo and I did the whole project, form the concept to the final editing. 

September 30, 2014

August 22, 2014

Sarajevo Film Festival 2014

As a part of Sarajevo Film Festival TV program national TV BHT1 wanted to do a story about me, my work, illustrations, caricatures and animated movies, as some of them were in the festival program in the past years. They did an awesome job with the video, it looks very professional as you can see in the link below:

During the shooting on the red carpet I started working on a caricature of some famous people in the movie business from Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a while I did something without a tablet, on a real paper with a pencil and colors... and it felt good. :-) The final work was given to the festival director in live program after the viewers saw the story.

On 21st of August, 7th day of the festival, my girlfriend Sabina Pezo and I gave a lecture about animation to a young filmmakers which have their films in Teen Arena/Teen Action program of the Sarajevo Film Festival. It's always great thing when you can encourage young people to do what they love, and we hope some of them will be future animators. 

July 22, 2014

SMED - Project management

The second short movie I did with Sabina Pezo for Smed Engineering. This one is about Project management department of the company. 
Sabina and I did the whole production of the movie (storyboard, 3D models, rigs, animation, lighting, rendering and post production). Music was done by Dzenan Selmanagic.


July 12, 2014

Lana's second birthday! :-D

A little niece of mine celebrated her second birthday this month. I, her proud uncle, did an illustration that shows the atmosphere on her birthday party. :-D 
Here is Lana with her favorite toys: 

A reference picture and a sketch

My little princess and me

Finally, I got an idea to make a coloring book for my niece, based on the birthday present... and this is how it looks like:

July 10, 2014


A short movie I did with Sabina Pezo for Smed Engineering. This is the first one in a series and it shows in a fun way how the company works in general.
Sabina and I did the whole production of the movie (storyboard, 3D models, rigs, animation, lighting, rendering and post production). Music was done by Dzenan Selmanagic.


June 26, 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina on the World Cup 2014

This summer my country had a historical debut on the World Cup in Brasil.
I continued supporting the national team with my caricatures and illustrations. 
Here are the works dedicated to the matches against Argentina and Nigeria: 

After the terrible mistakes made by the judge Peter O'Leary against our team in the match with Nigeria I decided to do a illustration based on one interesting photo that was taken after the match.

 It was a great feeling to be a part of a big competition like World cup! It's a totally different feeling to watch the World Cup games when your country is a part of it all.
Rukom Concept Store suggested that we do some cups with my illustrations, so we did. City deal also suggested that we print them on T-shirts. So we did that, too. Here are the results:


Rukom Concept Store did this great flag with my work on it. It was a gift for one bartender from Sarajevo who's customers raised money to send him to Brasil, and that flag was on the Maracana stadium on the 15th of June during the first, historic game against Argentina.

And last, but not least, national television BHT 1 visited me on two occasions during the World Cup. They were interested in my work and my perception of the competition itself.

May 29, 2014

Valter Defends Sarajevo / Valter brani Sarajevo

I had the honor of being hired by Agarthi Comics to do the cover illustration and cover design for the reprint of the most selling comic book in ex Yugoslavia - "Valter defends Sarajevo" by Ahmet Muminović. 
Here is the final cover:

Some sketches and work in progress

 Inner cover and some inner pages

April 8, 2014

Thinking Box - BHT 1, 30.03.2014.

One recent interview for national TV BHT 1 and their show called Thinking Box.

Post by Zdravko Cvjetkovic.

October 23, 2013

Loves me/loves me not - the exhibition

Here are some pictures form the exhibition of illustrations on subject "Loves me/loves me not".
There were lot of visitors and it was fun to see different approaches in the works of other authors and some close friends. The exhibition was held on monday, 21. 10. 2013. on the top floor of the National Gallery in Sarajevo, and it was organised by "Knjiga u centru" (non-profit organizeation form Zagreb, Croatia).
I participated with one illustration/caricature, that combines this romantic subject with the "wonders" of modern times...

Special thanks to Aleksandra Nina Knezevic for sharing the pictures form the exhibition.

October 9, 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Liechtenstein - Lithuania

Two final matches are ahead of us. As always I show my support through illustration. 
This one is special, because I finished it today, on my birthday! 

September 4, 2013

Bosina and Herzegovina - Slovakia / Slovakia - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Just a few more matches until the end of qualifications for the World Cup 2014! 
We are so close!
BiH is playing against Slovakia this Friday, and again at Thursday. The guys from Bosnian Kingdom Clothing hired me again to do illustration for their T-shirts. 

June 12, 2013

"100 Questions for my Friends" aka "100 Pitanja za moje Prijatelje"

Now you can find our book in Serbian language, too. In honor of the Serbian edition I made this illustration, and this means that, after UAE, Lebanon, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can find our book in the bookstores all over Serbia.

And here is the Serbian version of the cover: