June 8, 2012


I didn't post for a while, but not because I was not working. Uncontrary, I was working on some projects, but I didn't want to post anything until they were officialy published. One of these projects is this wonderful CD for children called "LALALAA". Author of the CD is my friend Dzenan Selmanagic, publisher of the CD is Tropik Zenica, design was done by Ideologija Sarajevo, and I did all these illustrations you can see in this post. There are 11 great songs for kids (guests on the songs are Laka, Marija Husar and Ivana Husar) and 9 stories for the kids, told by the legendary Zijah Sokolovic.
The official presentation of the CD will happen this saturday on 09.06.2012. at 11:00 in Mercator Sarajevo.