October 23, 2013

Loves me/loves me not - the exhibition

Here are some pictures form the exhibition of illustrations on subject "Loves me/loves me not".
There were lot of visitors and it was fun to see different approaches in the works of other authors and some close friends. The exhibition was held on monday, 21. 10. 2013. on the top floor of the National Gallery in Sarajevo, and it was organised by "Knjiga u centru" (non-profit organizeation form Zagreb, Croatia).
I participated with one illustration/caricature, that combines this romantic subject with the "wonders" of modern times...

Special thanks to Aleksandra Nina Knezevic for sharing the pictures form the exhibition.

October 9, 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Liechtenstein - Lithuania

Two final matches are ahead of us. As always I show my support through illustration. 
This one is special, because I finished it today, on my birthday! 

September 4, 2013

Bosina and Herzegovina - Slovakia / Slovakia - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Just a few more matches until the end of qualifications for the World Cup 2014! 
We are so close!
BiH is playing against Slovakia this Friday, and again at Thursday. The guys from Bosnian Kingdom Clothing hired me again to do illustration for their T-shirts. 

June 12, 2013

"100 Questions for my Friends" aka "100 Pitanja za moje Prijatelje"

Now you can find our book in Serbian language, too. In honor of the Serbian edition I made this illustration, and this means that, after UAE, Lebanon, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can find our book in the bookstores all over Serbia.

And here is the Serbian version of the cover:

June 6, 2013

Latvia - Bosnia and Herzegovina

New match, new illustration! 
BiH is playing against Latvia this friday, and guys from Bosnian Kingdom Clothing hired me to do illustration for their T-shirts. This is the result: 

We also did one version without Latvia map:

June 4, 2013

Zb(i)rka radova BH strip autora

Collection of the comic authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina for this year is out. Here is the cover I did for this first number and one comic panel that you can find inside.
This Edition was published by "Drugi Ugao" and "Agarthi Comics".

This is the original cover and original comic panel.

 I had to erase the upper part of the cover because of the title, and I had to transform comic panel into black and white, because the whole edition is black an white inside. 

June 3, 2013

Dylan Dog - Cover Reloaded competition

Here is my entry for this years Cover Reloaded competition. Theme was Dylan Dog, so I couldn't resist to participate. My choice was one of my favorite episodes "Partita con la morte".

And here are some sketches and other versions:

March 21, 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Greece

It became some sort of tradition for me to do a caricature before a big game... So here's one for tomorrow's match! ;-)