December 2, 2012

Animation Demo Reel

My first animation demo reel!
There are a few new shots I did and several old ones I did for 11secondclub competition. All audio samples I used are from the 11secondclub webpage.
There is also a short "Making of" video, where I did a breakdown of couple of shots.

December 1, 2012

Trip to Dubai!

In October my girfriend Sabina Pezo and I had the most amazing trip - a trip to Dubai. 
Our host was Jelena Geha and her familiy. Jelena is our friend and author of a beautiful book
"100 Questions For My Friends", for which I did illustrations. 
We were also hosted by professor Zlatan Filipović and his family in Sharjah, and we were guest lecturers at his 3D animation class at American University of Sharjah.
Here are some photos...

Jelena and I in one of the Virgin stores in Dubai

Our book is literally in every important bookstore in Dubai. Jelena did a great job with the distribution. I was very proud when I found our book in Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the world! Our School Diary can also be found in almost every bookstore. 

It was a great experience to visit American University of Sharjah, to share our knowledge and experiences in animation with the students and to see the amazing conditions they have at their university.  

November 30, 2012

New illustrations

I did some new illustrations for various clients in last couple of months. Here are some of them:

 Violence against children (client "Medica")

Children trafficking - three versions (client "Medica")

 City transport
(client "Društvo prijatelja grada Sarajeva")

The life I live - cover for comic album 
             (client "Drugi ugao" and "Agarthi comics")              

November 29, 2012

School Diary

Covers, character development and other stuff I did for my friends Jelena & Carma and their lovely School Diary.
You can find this useful planner all over Dubai.

Cover art


Character development

Inner cover

November 28, 2012

Some new pencil drawings

Here are some pencil drawings I did in the last couple of days. There are some concept design sketches (I hope I'll find some time to color them) and some fan art.

Bronson (fan art)

Robin (concept sketch)

 Fighter (concept sketch)

Dylan Dog (fan art)

 Lepi (fan art... well, sort of... :-D)

November 27, 2012

"100 questions for my friends" around the world!

Our book "100 questions for my friends" is slowly becoming popular worldwide. After United Arab Emirates and Dubai book is also available in Lebanon, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
Here are some illustrations that you can also find on website to celebrate that. We hope that there will be some new flags and illustrations soon! ;-) 

November 26, 2012

Old school painting

In the last couple of months I did some ordered paintings in the old school way - paper, canvas, brushes, paint. No tablets, photoshop, undo buttons and various effects that can make our work easier. I had a lot of fun, because I didnt' use some of that stuff (for example oil paint) from the time I was at the Art Academy, and here are the results! 
First one is special one. I became an uncle few months ago, and this is the pencil/aquarelle caricature of the doctor who did a great job in making my niece safe onto this world. It is framed and is now hanged up in his office. :-D
Second one is an oil painting, and I got information that it ended up in Zurich, Switzerland!

Pencil and aquarelle

Olil on canvas

Oil on canvas (detail)

November 25, 2012

"Lalalaa" promotion parties! :-D

Sarajevo - Mercator


Sarajevo - Kids Festival

Sarajevo - Vesela Nedjelja - Dom Mladih