November 26, 2012

Old school painting

In the last couple of months I did some ordered paintings in the old school way - paper, canvas, brushes, paint. No tablets, photoshop, undo buttons and various effects that can make our work easier. I had a lot of fun, because I didnt' use some of that stuff (for example oil paint) from the time I was at the Art Academy, and here are the results! 
First one is special one. I became an uncle few months ago, and this is the pencil/aquarelle caricature of the doctor who did a great job in making my niece safe onto this world. It is framed and is now hanged up in his office. :-D
Second one is an oil painting, and I got information that it ended up in Zurich, Switzerland!

Pencil and aquarelle

Olil on canvas

Oil on canvas (detail)


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