August 22, 2014

Sarajevo Film Festival 2014

As a part of Sarajevo Film Festival TV program national TV BHT1 wanted to do a story about me, my work, illustrations, caricatures and animated movies, as some of them were in the festival program in the past years. They did an awesome job with the video, it looks very professional as you can see in the link below:

During the shooting on the red carpet I started working on a caricature of some famous people in the movie business from Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a while I did something without a tablet, on a real paper with a pencil and colors... and it felt good. :-) The final work was given to the festival director in live program after the viewers saw the story.

On 21st of August, 7th day of the festival, my girlfriend Sabina Pezo and I gave a lecture about animation to a young filmmakers which have their films in Teen Arena/Teen Action program of the Sarajevo Film Festival. It's always great thing when you can encourage young people to do what they love, and we hope some of them will be future animators. 


  1. Svaka cast. Lijepo je napravljen video.

    1. Hvala. Super posao je napravila mlada ekipa s BHT-a. ;-)